File System


Storware Backup & Recovery is able to protect file systems mounted on its nodes. Both full and incremental backups are supported.


  • Storware Backup & Recovery scans for file system changes based on the modification time and size of the file with each incremental backup.

  • only regular files, symlinks, and directories are going to be backup

  • for file systems, Storware Backup & Recovery currently builds images for each backup before uploading data to the specific backup provider, so it doesn't have to upload objects one-by-one - these images will be merged automatically in restore tasks

Complete the following steps to add the file system storage provider.

  1. Go to Storage -> Infrastructure and click Add Storage Provider

  2. Choose File system as a type and select the node responsible for backup operations

  3. Click Save - now you can define file systems in the Storage -> Instances view

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