Administration levels

Storware Backup & Recovery with Storware Endpoints server was designed in a multi-tenancy architecture. It means that you can define multiple organizations (tenants) within one instance of Storware Backup & Recovery. In each organization instance, you can backup a separate set of endpoints you defined.

To be able to administer the server using different levels of access, the Storware Backup & Recovery was designed to leverage two administration levels:

  • Storware Endpoints Server Management

  • Storware Endpoints Administrator

Please find the description for each administration level below.

Note: default login and password

Username: kodoadmin

Password: k0do@dmin

Storware Endpoints Server Management

Storware Endpoints Server Management level is the highest level of authorization. If you log in to the Web UI as this type of user, you gain the same level of access to Endpoints Management as Storware Backup & recovery Global Admin. You can configure global system settings and other assets as follow:

  • Download or upload installer packages

  • Manage administrators

  • Manage Storware Endpoints organizations

  • Configure system settings:

    • General and Customizations

    • E-mail server settings

    • IBM Spectrum Protect server settings

    • Licensing information

    • Logs

    • Billing settings

    • DB backup configuration

Storware Endpoints Administrator

Storware Backup & Recovery allows your company to create multiple organizations under one Storware server. Every organization is a separate entity with separated data, settings, users, policies, etc. If you log in as the Endpoints Administrator user, you can configure the system assets like:

  • Users

  • Devices

  • Backup SLAs (Policies)

  • Client Deployment

  • Organization administrators

  • LDAP connection

  • Users synchronization

  • Notifications

The default organization name is “My organization”. It is created during Storware Endpoints server deployment.

Note: You can change the default organization name after logging on to the system as the Endpoints Server Management user or Storware Global Admin. Go to the Organizations menu and click the name of the organization you want to edit.

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