Backup and Recovery


In this section, we'll briefly discuss the architecture and main features of Storware Backup & Recovery as well as some typical use case scenarios.
The Main Features section briefly summarizes the key functionalities of the Storware Backup & Recovery solution.
In the Architecture section, you will learn what the main components of the Storware Backup & Recovery solution are, as well as find out how to place them in your deployment.
In the Support Matrix, you can check versions of supported virtualization platforms, backup, and cloud providers. Platform requirements present what are hardware and software requirements needed to run Storware Backup & Recovery components.
The High Availability section provides guidance to plan Storware Backup & Recovery solutions resistant to failures.
The Sizing Guide is the place where we present key information that the user needs to collect before the installation process.
Licensing is the source of options we provide to optimize your costs while keeping the functionality that fulfills your needs.