Client installer

To download the Storware Endpoints client installer, open Storware Backup & Recovery WebUI, and go to Endpoints -> Packages view and then click the Download global installer.

From the Download package window, choose the appropriate installation version of the client installer you want to install. The package will be downloaded locally.

You can copy the installer to the endpoints where you want to install the software.

To start the installation process and do the following steps:

  1. Go to the download directory and run the package. It may take a moment for the installer to start. The application will be installed in the default directory. Click the Install button.

  1. Wait for the installer to finish (it can take a few minutes).

3. Find the Storware Endpoints icon on your desktop and launch it. Enter the server's IP address or name, username, and password (check the "Remember me" box if you want your user to be remembered). Click the Log in button.

4. If the authorization is correct, you should see the Storware Endpoints user console.

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