Backup SLAs

Backup SLAs policy allows you to configure the following settings:

  • Set backup retention in day(s), month(s), year(s)

  • Number of protected item(s) or file(s) versions

  • Select the desired backup destination

  • Protected Microsoft 365 services (SLA):

    • Exchange Online Mailboxes

    • Exchange Online Archives

    • Exchange Online Calendars

    • Exchange Online Contacts

    • OneDrive for Business

    • User Chats

    • Sharepoint Online

    • Microsoft Teams

If you need to add organization user(s) or site(s)to the policy go to Users, Groups, Sites, or Teams Tabs and select required instances.

Note: There must be at least one Backup SLAs policy on Storware Backup & Recovery server to do a backup.

Use Create button to create a new policy.

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