Backup SLA

To automatically manage data protection and retention, you have to define a policy, which includes rules that you can set through the Storware Endpoints Organization.

In the Backup SLA settings, the administrator can decide what data is stored and how long it is retained and available for restoration to customers and configure many more settings.

When the Storware Endpoints server is installed, the Default Policy by default is created. If you create a new policy, you can set it as default.

A user is assigned to the policy, which protects all his devices according to the settings.

The policy is assigned to a user and protects all his devices according to the settings.

When a server is installed, by default it has one default policy. You can customize that Default policy or create a new one.

To view the list of policies, select Backup SLA from the main menu.

The Backup SLA list table view consists of the following columns:




Name of policy


Priority (see below)

Users count

Numer of users associated with the policy

Date created

Creation date of the policy

Date modified

When the policy was modified last time

Modified by

Who modified policy


Options menu


When the user belongs to the group, group policy will be applied. In case when user belongs to many groups, priority will determine which policy will be applied.

The higher priority, the more important the policy is.

To modify policy priorities, go to the list of policies and then click on Manage Priority

Grab the selected policy and move (grab and drop) it to the selected position. The higher the policy is, the higher priority will be assigned. Grab policy and move it around the list

Go to the Create section to learn how to configure the backup policy.

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