Quick Installation using all-in-one script

Using this method of installation you will deploy the server and node on the same host. The installation script will perform the following actions:

  • Install the server

  • Install the node

  • Generate an SSL certificate based on the hostname

The installation script is deploying components using the Ansible playbooks

Installation steps

  1. Log in to the machine using SSH

  2. The installation requires root privileges

  3. Use the following command to start the installation:

bash <(curl -s https://repo.storware.eu/storware/sbr-local-install.sh)

Using script to install only server or only node component

This script allows to install just server or node (which can be registered to the existing server).

Server only installation

Before running the installation command - export the following variable:


Node only installation

Before running the installation command - export the following variables:

export SBR_SERVER_FQDN=your.server.host.com
export SBR_NODE_NAME=your-node-name

where your.server.host should be a FQDN of your server component, and your-node-name should be a unique name for a node being installed. Optionally, you can export SBR_ADMIN_USER if you want to register your nodes using non-admin accounts.

Disabling password prompts

If you want to use this script without being prompted for admin user or database password you can export SBR_ADMIN_PASS and SBR_DB_PASS variables.


Now you should be able to log in to the Storware Backup & Recovery server using https://IP_OF_YOUR_MACHINE with the local node registered and running. By default, Storware Backup & Recovery has one admin account - admin with the password vPr0tect (with a zero).

After the initial log in you can configure single sign-on using LDAP or Keycloak.

Remember to prepare your staging space as described in the Staging space configuration.

Now proceed with the Initial configuration instructions, to configure access to the hypervisors and backup destinations.

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