Nutanix Volume Groups


Storware Backup & Recovery supports volume groups for the Nutanix platform. Disk snapshots are being attached to the host with Storware Backup & Recovery Node using iSCSI. Thanks to this backups and restores can be performed remotely without Proxy VM.
This storage provider also allows excluding disks for backups.
In general, the export process looks as follows:
  • A Snapshot of the volume group is taken
  • A Temporary volume group with disk snapshots is created
  • Disks from the temporary volume group are attached to Storware Backup & Recovery Node host using iSCSI
  • Disks content is exported to RAW files
  • Disks are then detached and temporary volume group is deleted
In general, the restore process looks as follows:
  • A new volume group is created with yet empty disks
  • Disks from a new volume group are attached to Storware Backup & Recovery Node host using iSCSI
  • Content from RAW files of backup is imported to attached disks
  • Disks are detached from Storware Backup & Recovery Node host
Note: iSCSI uses iSCSI Data Services IP defined on the Nutanix platform to discover targets, which means that exception will be thrown if this value is missing.


Complete the following steps to add the Nutanix Volume Groups storage provider:
Go to Storage -> Infrastructure and add click on Create
In the form provide:
  • Nutanix Volume Groups as a type
  • URL to Prism Element Host (https://PRISM_ELEMENT:9440)
  • Name of the storage provider
  • Login and password
  • The node configuration responsible for backup operations
Click Save - now you can run inventory synchronization to detect volume groups - they will be visible in Storage -> Instances view
Now you can create a backup task for the chosen volume group.