Protecting Applications

This section describes Storware Backup & Recovery generic mechanism for multiple scenarios where VM-level backup may not be enough.
With Storware Backup & Recovery you can prepare a custom script or invoke any backup command that produces backup artifacts (or just initiates an external backup process) on a remote host and stores backups to your backup provider.
With Application the backup you can extend your protection capabilities to:
  • any remote applications with their own mechanisms
  • hypervisor configuration
  • files on remote hosts (physical, virtual, or containers)
    • this includes shares, mounted object-storage buckets, LVM block devices, or virtually anything which can be presented as a file
  • initiating external backup processes such as RMAN
Storware Backup & Recovery internal DB backup mechanism also uses Application backup. The mechanism uses predefined artifacts that simply need to be configured according to your needs.
In the Application section, you can read how the generic mechanism works and know what application Storware Backup & Recovery can protect.
In the Backup & Restore section, you can find information about using Storware Backup & Recovery to protect your application.