Direct Installation

Storware Backup and Recovery Endpoints server can be installed on a physical machine or as a virtual machine.

The sizing guide describes requirements for a virtual or physical machine to install Storware Endpoint

It is recommended to install Storware Endpoints on different machine than Storware Backup & Recovery.

Log into Storware Backup and Recovery WebUI. Go into the Endpoints tab and in "Deployment Type" you can choose Installation Endpoint server without or with IBM Spectrum Protect Server.

Then You need to provide SSH access to the machine where the Storware Endpoint server is going to be installed.

Note: When installing Endpoint server, you can overwrite the default password to kodoadmin

If you want to customize your installation, clik on Advanced options. New window will open. There you can change installation parameters. Comment out the line with the parameter you want to change, edit the vaule and click Save button. In the example below, we have changed MariaDB version to 10.6 (default is 10.4).

Note: If you provide a password in the form and in the configuration file, Storware Backup & Recovery will take this from the form into account.

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