Neverfail HybriStor

Storware Backup & Recovery supports integration with Neverfail HybriStor. You can use HybriStor volumes like any other file system (mount a single volume over NFS).

Login to the HybriStore dashboard and create NFS share:

In "Clients" enter your Storware Backup & Recovery node IP address and choose "No" for the "allow all clients" option:

Now log in to the Storware Backup & Recovery node host and mount NFS share:

# To create mountpoint:
mkdir /vprotect_data/backups

# To be sure of correctly set credentials:
chown -R vprotect:vprotect /vprotect_data

# For temporary mount:
mount -t nfs -o sync HybriStor_IP:/vprotect_data /vprotect_data/backups

# For persistent mount edit /etc/fstab file:
#   <file system>               <dir>             <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
HybriStor_IP:/vprotect_data /vprotect_data/backups  nfs   defaults    0     0

# To mount NFS from fstab:
mount -a

Now go to the dashboard and create a new File System Backup Destination.

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