Restore on-demand

Restore from virtual environment menu

Now you should see a popup window where you might customize restore settings.

Restoring to the filesystem is an option to restore VMs directly to the Storware Backup & Recovery node storage. (Remember, the Storware Backup & Recovery user must have the appropriate write permissions to the given path.)

Restoring to a hypervisor or hypervisor manager is allowed for several providers, but not for all (for detailed info go to Storware Backup & Recovery Support Matrix).

When you restore a virtual machine, disks of this machine can be:

  • Restored to specified destination. It can be the same or diffrent datastore/volume type for each disk.

  • Restored with changed disk name

Supported platforms: RHV, VMware ESXi, Openstack, Citrix, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV.

Finally, after customizing the restore, click the restore button.

Note: every platform has some restrictions imposed on the VM name, such as length or characters that can be used. Verify these limits before restoring with a custom name.

Note: You can also perform the same action thanks to the CLI interface: CLI Reference

Restore on-demand using recovery plans

After clicking on it you will see a summary window showing what will be restored.

Click Run to start the restore process.

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