Citrix Hypervisor | XCP-ng Virtual Appliance

  1. Download storware.backup.recovery.x.x-citrix.ova file from Storware repository.

  2. Open XenCenter.

  3. Click on File -> Import...

  4. Browse, and selct OVA file from your computer.

  5. In Location select Citrix host to import image.

  6. In Storage select storage to deploy vProtect VM.

  7. In Networking select "Target Network" for Network Interface.

  8. In Security leave empty "Verify manifest content".

  9. In OS Fixup Settings, select "Don't use Operating System Fixup".

  10. In Transfer VM Settings Select Network, and chose Network Settings.

  11. In Finish tab view summary, and if all settings are correct then click button "Finish".

  12. When VM is imported and running login to SSH to get VM IP, and next you can access vProtect by WebUI.

After importing the image to the environment set IP address, run "nmtui" -> "Edit a connection". Select network interface, and edit its network settings.

Increase disk size (in this example to 500G):

vdo growPhysical -n /dev/mapper/FileSystem
vdo growLogical -n /dev/mapper/FileSystem --vdoLogicalSize 500G
xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/FileSystem

Note: You can find the login credentials here.

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