IBM Spectrum Protect

  1. 1.
    Register the ISP node on your ISP server.
    • Log in to your ISP server and prepare a policy set for Storware Backup & Recovery backups.
      Def dom vprotect
      Def pol vprotect vprotect
      Def mgmt vprotect vprotect vprotect
      Def co vprotect vprotect vprotect dest=<StoragePoolName> vere=nolimit verd=nolimit rete=nolimit reto=nolimit
      Assign defmgmt vprotect vprotect vprotect
      Activate pol vprotect vprotect
    • Register the node on the ISP server:
      register node vprotect_proxy <SecretPassword> dom=<VMdomain> maxnummp=10 passe=0 dedup=cli backdel=yes
  2. 2.
    Use a script to automatically download and install the ISP API and client.
Make sure to type the IP address of your ISP server, TCP port, and node name correctly. For example:
  1. 3.
    Next step is to set up the Backup Destination in our UI.
    • Go to Backup Destination and select Enterprise
    • Now you can add IBM Spectrum Protect Backup Destination
    • Type name and attach Backup Destination to Node Configuration. You also need to set:
      • path to dsm.opt file (Default is /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/dsm.opt), where are saved information of IBM Spectrum Protect Nodes,
      • name of IBM Spectrum Protect Node,
      • password to ISP node.