LVM setup on Storware Backup & Recovery Node for disk attachment backup mode

Note: This is required for backup of virtual environments when using disk attachment mode, such as Nutanix backups.

Storware Backup & Recovery Node attaches VM disks that potentially are clones of its own (for example if Node deployed from the template) - you need to configure LVM on the Node so that it doesn't scan for LVM volumes where disks are being attached.

  1. Set the following variables in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf in devices section - so that only system volumes are being detected by LVM daemon (in this example sda disk with 2 partitions - sda1 and sda2):

    devices {
             filter = [ "a|^/dev/sda|", "a|^/dev/sda1|", "a|^/dev/sda2|", "r|.*|" ]
             global_filter = [ "a|^/dev/sda|", "a|^/dev/sda1|", "a|^/dev/sda2|", "r|.*|" ]
  2. Check with vgscan -vvv that your OS volumes are still being detected:

         Allocated VG vg_vprotect at 0x55914f19fac0.
         Importing logical volume vg_vprotect/lv_root.
         Importing logical volume vg_vprotect/lv_swap.
  3. Reboot:


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