RHV/oVirt/OLVM Virtual Appliance


  1. Upload OVA image to RHV host storage, or repository.

  2. Login to RHV manager.

  3. Go to tab Compute -> Virtual Machines.

  4. On the right bottom of the screen click ellipsis button, and chose "Import".

  5. Select source "Virtual Appliance (OVA).

  6. Select host with uploaded OVA image.

  7. Enter "File Path" to the OVA image file.

  8. Click the button "Load".

  9. Move from list "Virtual Machines on Source" our image to list "Virtual Machines to Import".

  10. Click "Next".

  11. Chose your target Storage Domain, Cluster, CPU Profile, Allocation Policy.

  12. In tab "General" edit Name.

  13. In the tab "Network Interfaces" choose Network for your nic's in VM.

  14. Click "OK", import task is started.

  15. When VM is imported and running login to SSH to get VM IP, and next you can access Storware Backup & Recovery by WebUI.

Note: You can find the login credentials here.


  1. Remove VM from a virtual environment.

  2. If the backup destination is outside VM, then remove backup files from the backup destination.

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