• Backup Destination - backup provider or storage space holding backups on Storware Backup & Recovery node where backup files are copied to from Staging Space

  • Backup SLAs - are responsible for the automation of backups of Virtual Environments or Storage instances. Backup SLA consists of the policy and schedule.

  • Cluster - corresponds to server pools/clusters/availability zones that have been detected during inventory synchronization of Hypervisors

  • Hypervisors - a list of hypervisors automatically discovered during inventory synchronization of Hypervisor Manager or manually added to Storware Backup & Recovery

  • Hypervisor Managers - a list of hypervisors managers added to Storware Backup & Recovery.

  • Instances - a list of currently known virtual machines/storage.

  • Inventory synchronization - a task that index the contents of Hypervisor Manager, Storage Provider, or Hypervisor (if it's not managed by Hypervisor Manager)

  • Mounted backups - a list of backups which has been mounted by Storware Backup & Recovery and can be browsed.

  • Node - machine or VM with installed Storware Backup & Recovery node, its main job is to execute a backup, restore, and mounting tasks. It should have access to the backup destination and staging space.

  • Node Configuration - contains settings for nodes to describe their behavior during tasks execution such as maximum numbers of simultaneous backup tasks, timeouts, or backup destinations which can be used by nodes. One node configuration can be attached to many nodes.

  • Policy - allow you to group virtual machines or storage instances. Each policy can have multiple schedules assigned.

  • Recovery Plans - are used to automate the DR process, so that Storware Backup & Recovery executes multiple restore operations to the target environment with preconfigured settings.

  • Schedule - allow you to invoke specific policies periodically. This allows you to back up multiple VMs or storage instances automatically.

  • Snapshot SLAs - are responsible for the automation of creating snapshots of Virtual Environments or storage instances. Backup SLA consists of the policy and schedule. The Instance has to be assigned to the snapshot policy in order to execute snapshot on demand.

  • Staging Space - temporary space for backup files mounted on a Storware Backup & Recovery Node; default and recommended configuration is shared space on a PowerProtect DD via Boost FS.

  • Storage - corresponds to datastores/storage repositories/storage domains that have been detected during inventory synchronization of Hypervisors.

  • Storage Provider - software storage platform that provides storage instances.

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