Initial configuration

Log in to the Storware Backup & Recovery WebUI and in the Endpoints tab enter the default username and password for the global Admin

Note: Make sure you added an existing Endpoint server or installed a new one using Direct Installation

If you are asked to accept the temporary certificate, do it by clicking on the link displayed

Note: Make sure you have added the license to Storware Backup & Recovery

  1. Go to the Settings\Endpoints instance settings menu and in the General tab. Enter the Deployment server name (it is the Storware Endpoints server IP address with the 8181 port added).

. Next, go to the Email tab and complete the email settings. Provide the necessary information for the e-mail server configuration:

  • E-mail address – the address used to send e-mails from the Storware Endpoints server

  • Login – the user name used to login to the e-mail server (optional if the server requires authentication)

  • Server address - IP or DNS name of the e-mail server

  • Port - the e-mail server port

  • Use SSL - check the box if SSL communication is required

  • SSL Port - TCP Port number used by the SSL SMTP server

  • Require Authentication - check the box if the server requires authentication

  • Set Email Server Password- set the password for the user in the Login field

3. Save the settings and send a test email using Send Test Email button.

4. Go to the License tab and upload a valid Storware Endpoints license (the license.key file). If you don't have one, you can contact the Storware team.

5. Go to the IBM Spectrum Protect tab. Check if there's a connection with the IBM server (the status should be Connected).

If IBM Spectrum Protect is not connected please **** enter the following settings:

  • Server address - enter the server address (don't use localhost, **** enter the IP address where **** Storware Endpoints server with IBM Spectrum Protect is located)

  • Port - set the number at 1502

  • Administrative Port - set the number at 1503

  • Node name - it's the node name you've configured in the previous section

6. In the SET IBM SPECTRUM PROTECT PASSWORD field, enter the password you've set in the previous section. Click the Update Password button to save it. The Server Connection Status should be changed to Connected (it may take a while). If the status is Not connected, please refresh the web browser site.

7. Go to the DB Backup, to configure MariaDB backup. It can be set to be triggered once a day at a given time. The files in the format "db_date_time.sql" are stored in the folder /opt/StorwareData/db_backup. You can also set the number of stored backups.

Go to the Client deployment section to get to know how to deploy the Storware Endpoints client application on the endpoints.

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