Backup & Restore

This section is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use Storware Backup & Recovery to protect your Microsoft 365.

Backup and restore of Microsoft 365

Manual backup

Note: to perform a manual backup, a target account, site or team instance must be assigned to Backup SLA

Search for one of the cloud instances you want to backup and click Backup the button next to it.

In the next window, choose backup type and what features you want to protect. If you want a backup of just one or more features use manual selection or use according to the policy to backup all features selected in Backup SLA then click Backup button.

You can track the progress of the task in tasks console

Manual restore

Search for cloud instance you want to restore and click Restore the button next to it.

In the next window, choose if you want to restore according to the policy or use manual selection to restore one specific feature directly to the restored account and click Restore the button.

Note: More information about Cloud you can find in the administration chapter.

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