Installation Overview

  1. 1.
    Choose your installation option. There are the following options:
  2. 2.
    Regardless of the installation option you choose:
    • The node requires staging space - assume a number of concurrent export and store tasks and multiply it by the biggest VM size (for example: 6 export tasks + 4 store tasks * 100 GB should require around 1 TB)
    • The Staging space configuration will guide you to prepare storage on the spare drive
    • vProtect is installed in the /opt/vprotect folder and staging space is assumed to be in /vprotect_data - these are the defaults and should not be changed.
  3. 3.
    Now it is time for the Initial configuration
  4. 4.
    Add your Hypervisor(s) or Hypervisor Manager(s) and initiate the index to retrieve a list of VMs, storage etc.:
    • by indexing Hypervisor Manager (RHV/oVirt/OLVM/Oracle VM/Nutanix Prism) you'll have hypervisors added automatically. Other hypervisors need to be entered one by one (KVM/Xen/Citrix Hypervisor/XCP-ng/Proxmox VE)
    • check the appropriate sub-section for your platform: Virtualization platforms
  5. 5.
    Set up the backup provider:
    • you should check the backup destinations section for a detailed description of properties: backup destinations
  6. 6.
    Test basic operations to verify that integration is completed: