Storware vProtect log directory path is /opt/vprotect/logs - this is the first place to check for root cause of errors. All of log files are also accesible from Logs section in web UI.

CLI interface records messages in vprotect_client.log files under the subdirectory with the same name as the node. In the same directory you can also find vprotect_daemon.log files which contains all engine related messages.

Web UI has 2 directories where it stores log files:

  • appserver which has all messages coming from application server - which hosts web UI and API

  • api which has all messages related to - core vProtect Server application

To verify if services are running you can use:

  • systemctl status vprotect-server for Server

  • systemctl status vprotect-node for Node or vprotect status

If you don't find here root cause of the problem you can switch vProtect to DEBUG mode, and recreate task to generate log's in DEBUG mode.