• Network: minimum 1Gb/s
  • Number of sites: 1
  • Number of vProtect installations: 1 server along with node
  • vProtect min. 4 vCPU and 6 GB RAM
  • Number of backup threads: 3-4 (default)
  • Backup window: 8 hours
  • Data to backup: up to 2.5 TB
  • staging space: your_largest_VM * backup threads
As mentioned above, network speed is a very important factor. If you have a 1Gb/s connection between the server, node and backup clients, then during the 8 hours of the backup window we can assume that if we load the network at 70% of its capacity, we should transfer 2.5TB of data
In this scenario, vProtect (server and node) can, for example, be deployed as a VM using any of the installation methods.
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