Virtual Environments


vProtect provides a reporting feature for obtaining information about historical activities. You can reach this from the main dashboard under the Activity section via the
Or on the left side menu - Reporting -> Virtual Environments.


At the beginning, you should see the summary page.
From here, you can set a date range or go to a detailed summary of backup, restore jobs and backup size.
Now that you have set the date you are interested in, you can move to the next tabs to view details of each task performed by vProtect.

Backup Statistics

Now you can see all the tasks completed within the set date, or ...
additionally filter them by status, rules or instance.

Restore Statistics

The functionality is the same as for the backup statistics, you can see all the tasks completed within the set deadline or filter them by status, policy or instance.

Backup Size

This is a backup size report that you might need for chargeback reporting.
You can also send these reports by email using this button:
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Note: export to PDF, XLS, HTML is expected to be available in June