Citrix Hypervisor | XCP-ng Virtual Appliance

  • Log in to Citrix XenServer, and import downloaded xva image:
  • Select vProtect.xva file:
  • Select pool, or XenServer host:
  • Select storage:
  • Select network:
  • Don't check "Start VM(s) after import", and finish import:
  • When virtual appliance with vProtect was imported select second disk "vProtect-storage", and go to "Properties".
  • Increase disk size for vProtect staging space.
  • Start vProtect virtual machine, login, and increase disk size (in that example to 500G):
vdo growPhysical -n /dev/mapper/FileSystem
vdo growLogical -n /dev/mapper/FileSystem --vdoLogicalSize 500G
xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/FileSystem
After import image to environment set IP address, run nmtui > "Edit a connection". Select network interface, and edit it network settings.
You can find login credentials here.