Backup SLAs

Backup SLAs allow you to group backup policies and schedules for multiple VMs. In general, a VM can have at most only one backup policy to always have easy-to-interpret configuration.
Each policy can have multiple schedules assigned so that you can define more complex schedules in which backups are executed even multiple times each day and with a different backup type.
  • schedules define the type of backup - full or incremental
  • currently, the incremental forever backup approach is not supported, as it may result in a very long chain, which takes a considerable amount of time during restore procedures (data merge)
  • the approach we highly recommend is to create a schedule for periodic full backup and always assign at least 1 such schedule in backup SLAs
  • in order to create incremental backups, you always need to have at least 1 incremental backup schedule and run at least one full backup
  • in most virtualization platforms supported by vProtect, it is required to keep the last snapshot for future incremental backups