Virtual Appliance

Prerequisites (vProtect image)

2 vCPU core and 4GB RAM
FTP access (to download image) requires credentials which are provided in the e-mail with license

Default login, and password

  • Operating system / SSH: login: root password: vPr0tect
  • WebUI: login: admin password: vPr0tect

First steps after deployment

After downloading and importing the image to the environment set IP address:
  • run nmtui
  • Edit a connection
  • Select network interface, and edit its network settings.
Now you should be able to log in to the web console using the URL:
where VPROTECT_HOST is the hostname or IP of your vProtect Server
Then go to Initial configuration to set your backup destination, and add virtualization hosts.
Note: Importing the image will install both the server and node. If You need only the vProtect node, then You have to stop and disable vprotect-server service.
systemctl stop vprotect-server
systemctl disable vprotect-server
You can register nodes installed manually (RPM/Ansible) to the vProtect server installed from OVA.