Collecting logs

Getting access to the CloudAgent logs

CloudAgent logs contain information about backup and restore operation for Microsoft365. The default name for cloud agent instance is "voyager". You can add another instance of cloud agent if your environment needs to be backed up in more efficent way.

To get logs for troubleshooting do the following:

  1. Log in to the system where CloudAgent is installed.

  2. Go to directory /opt/kodo-cloud/agent/logs/voyager

  3. Investigate the logs to look for a root cause of errors you've encoutered.

If you install another CloudAgent on you Kodo for Cloud server, then the logs path will look as follow: /opt/kodo-cloud/agent/logs/CloudAgent_name

If necessary you can download logs using SCP client of your choice (i.e. WinSCP).

Server logs are located at the following path:


You can find two kinds of logs under that path:

  • Server logs - (server.log.x)

  • Application logs - (kodo.log and

You can download logs from KODO for Cloud server by logging into WEB GUI as kodoadmin user.

To get the logs do the following:

  1. Log in to the KODO for Cloud server as kodoadmin user.

  2. Go to the Settings menu.

  3. At the Settings menu go to Logs tab.

  4. Select Server Logs or Application Logs section.

  5. Click Download to save selected log(s) file(s) locally or Action icon to save only one, choosen file.