About KODO for Endpoints
KODO for Endpoints is an innovative, next-generation platform for desktops and laptops protection. KODO can mitigate the effects of theft, malware attacks (including ransomware), and human error that can threaten business continuity. Its robust features are fundamental for both IT administrators and users.
KODO for Endpoints provides robust protection, that is fundamental both to IT admins and business users. Here you can find some fundamental advantages KODO for Endpoints has implemented in:
  • Continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Enterprise engine (+10000 users)
  • File versioning
  • Data deduplication and compression on a source
Managing a company's IT infrastructure is never an easy task. Nevertheless, KODO can be an IT administrator's best friend. The system simplifies deployment, user and data management, and processes such as restoring critical data. KODO and its open API allows for integration with asset management or helpdesk ticketing systems.
Safety and manageability are our biggest priorities, so KODO has features, help administrators in everyday routine tasks:
  • Web-based user interface
  • LDAP/Active Directory integration
  • Client software deployment using the "magic link"
  • Self-service restore with "right-click" approach or using user's console
  • Ticket systems integration using RESTful API
To ensure 100% security, data is encrypted and all valuable files are backed up as soon as they are saved. The software does not wait for a scheduled backup. The backup process starts automatically in the background whenever any changes are made to a file or files. The administrator or authorized user defines the directories that need protection. The client application compares all collected data when connecting to the IBM Spectrum Protect server and performs a backup if necessary.
KODO for Endpoints focuses on employees, systems, devices, and data security. KODO fits into this trend by providing different layers of security, including a variety of administrative roles.
  • Data encryption
  • SSL/TLS connection encryption
  • Audit logs
Go to the Overview chapter to get to know the architecture, licensing, main features, and more about KODO for Endpoints server.
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